Social Marketplace

You are a smart shopper that thinks outside of the box

Let’s turn the tables on our shopping experience.

Often, we spend precious time and energy searching the web, or even stores, for the right item. Instead tell potential sellers what you are looking for and if you want, what price you are willing to pay. Then sit back and let sellers come to you with offers.

Best part, since you remain anonymous there is no spam, no cookies tracking your and no annoying invasion of your privacy through unsolicited emails flooding your inbox.

The direct & anonymous way to reach your customers

This is a great platform for sellers too.

By subscribing you get firsthand knowledge of what people are looking for and the opportunity to send an offer. Proprietary customer data is typically only available to large sites like eBay and Amazon. On LinkCognito you get to browse this data gaining invaluable insight into price points, popularity of items and emerging customer trends.

Since this is a brand-new platform, you have a unique opportunity to join in from the start!

How does it works


  • There is no cost, subscription, or hidden fees. Just sign in and fill out a request for what you are looking for.
  • Then just watch for offers to show up in your email box.
  • After that it’s up to you if you want to contact the seller regarding an offer.


  • Browse requests from buyers. Once you find a request that you can fulfill, create an offer that contains a link to the item on one of the supported marketplaces along with a short message and image.
  • Service is free during the BETA period. Once the BETA period is over there will be small monthly subscription fee to continue to send offers.